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Elon Musk teases AOC & Gives Her a Brutal Reality Check


Elon Musk brutally denounced the United States Representative Alexandria acasio Cortez and explained the things that she has done to worsen the lives of American people according to Elon politicians like AOC are constantly lying to people and as a result Americans don't care about them anymore then musk mocked AOC and demonstrated how she is lying to her fans constantly this is an interesting story so let's explain everything 3 days ago AOC said that Donald Trump affirms the insecurities of men and white people Ocasio Cortez remarked Donald Trump is what you get when you want a politician to embody all of your hopes and dreams and a caricature of yourselves Donald Trump reinforces insecure men's ideas of masculinity and insecure people's ideas of wealth Ocasio Cortez continued yeah insecure white folks idea of race that's what happens when you want all your life and identity affirming things to come from electoral politics you get demagogues people who symbolize these psychological things a also stated that she is very afraid that Trump would win she mentioned this worry during an interview with Cara swisser on her podcast on with Cara swisser and when Mario nael shared this tweet about aoc's statements in response musk tweeted LMAO nobody cares and this conflict between musk and AOC is not new because everything started 5 years ago in 2019 and there are a lot of things that happened between musk and AOC in these 5 years in 2019 AOC criticized Elon Musk and other billionaires for not paying enough taxes she argued that the wealthy Ed public resources without fairly contributing to their upkeep AOC tweeted if you don't make the billionaire class pay their fair share of taxes Working Families get stuck with the bill especially when they're paying their employees starvation wages and skipping out on taxes musk responded indirectly by defending his tax contributions highlighting that Tesla and SpaceX have created thousands of jobs and contributed significantly to the economy he emphasized the importance of innovation and Entrepreneurship in driving economic growth in 2020 the debate over wealth inequality and Taxation continued with AOC once again targeting billionaires like musk during an interview she said we have to stop treating billionaires like Elon Musk as if they are Paragons of virtue just because they are rich they need to be held accountable and pay their fair share of taxes Musk responded on Twitter asserting that his companies pay substantial taxes and that his wealth is tied up in stock which he only benefits from if the company succeed he also highlighted the potential risks in personal Investments involved in his Ventures suggesting that his financial gains are justified by the value and jobs created in 2021 aoc's criticisms intensified amidst debates over tax reforms proposed by the Biden Administration she tweeted tax the rich the rich must contribute to our recovery no one ever makes a billion dollars they take it from their workers Elon Musk in a series of tweets reiterated his stance that he pays significant taxes and that his wealth is predominantly in stock options which are not liquid assets he pointed out that his Focus remains on advancing technologies that benefit Humanity such as renewable energy and space exploration and that these efforts should not be undermined by excessive Taxation and in the last few years Elon Musk conflict with AOC got even worse in 2022 after musk bought Twitter AOC claimed her account conveniently stopped working after she criticized his plan to charge $8 a month for a blue check mark AOC also questioned must commitment to free speech after her account was seemingly bricked following her criticism she tweeted yo Elon Musk while I have your attention why should people pay $8 just for their app to get bricked when they say something you don't like this is what my app has looked like ever since my tweet upset you yesterday what's good doesn't seem very free speechy to me AOC also criticized mus verification plan tweeting one guy's business plan for a $44 billion overleveraged purchase is apparently to run around and individually ask people for $8 her tweet came after musk responded to her criticisms by pointing out that a sweatshirt on aoc's campaign website costs $58 then musk replied replied to AOC saying your feedback is appreciated now pay $8 in 2023 this conflict continued when Elon Musk said that Ocasio Cortez would never date him because he isn't cool enough he tweeted this in response to a user's question asking when he was planning to go on a date with Miss o Casio Cortez the user asked Elon when's the date with AOC at Elon Musk dollar TSLA musk replied alas she would never date me I'm not cool enough must response has garnered over 9 million views and 92,000 likes so you're saying there's a chance one user commented you never know if you don't ask another person added it was a few months after when musk famously responded about AOC to Ashley stclair a conservative commentator when musk responded to a tweet by saying about AOC she's just not that smart an AOC responded by tweeting I wasn't born rich and became the youngest woman in American history to be elected to Congress the AOC stated then I investigated Michael Cohen authored the largest FEMA Federal Emergency Management agency funeral assistance program in history and led the creation of a US climate Corps to create tens of thousands of new jobs stay mad I take it back you're obviously a genius musk quipped in response musk later returned to the post and commented first please allow me to congratulate you on these epic achievements however have you considered rather than funeral assistance that FEMA focuses its funding on preventing funerals in the first place this conflict continued when Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins announced in a tweet that musk was on the ground in Eagle Pass with representative Tony Gonzalez to see the migrant crisis for himself what's funny about this photo Ocasio Cortez responded the house is holding important votes in DC tonight people are scrambling to avoid a shutdown but this Republican Congressman decided to skip to Joy Ride with a billionaire when his own party has just a single digigit margin and needs his vote and in 2024 the conflict got even worse when AOC reacted to Trump's big fine in New York he's broke and he's willing to sell the country for a dollar to get what he needs for himself said AOC to Fox News then AOC criticized Trump claiming he would allow foreign energy producers to price gge if he is reelected and this was the beginning of a new conflict between musk and AOC in an inter on Spectrum news NY1 Ocasio Cortez responded to Trump's upcoming rally near her district and the potential messaging he might use to appeal to the workingclass bureau I suspect there's going to be a lot of Out of Towners there she said then AOC criticized wealthy people including musk and their influence on American politics and Society musk and Trump were targeted by these critiques AOC supported policies like higher taxes on the rich the green New Deal and stricter corporate rules which conflicted with Trump's libertarian views also when Ocasio Cortez expressed her fear that if former president Trump wins the upcoming November election he might try to imprison her she voiced this concern during an interview with podcast host Cara Swisher on the show on with Cara swisser and that's when mus tweeted LMO nobody cares and for now there is no reason to think that this conflict will end anytime soon

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