Elon Musk Revealed BIG Changes Tesla Bot Gen 3 - Optimus! Its 4 Hidden Rivals Will Hit the Market!


we find these things being copied same thing with battery day um so we have to be a little cautious China has always been notorious for its sophisticated copying and if the model X was once referenced by xun G3 in its design now the Tesla Optimus robot is officially being copied by Kepler 4Runner with a similarity ratio of up to 80% the sweet cake of humanoid robot field is being torn apart mercilessly due to the rapid development of AI and the demand for convenience from robots worldwide so how exactly is Tesla Bud being terrifyingly imitated welcome to Tesla car world please show your support by subscribing and ringing the bell now let's get started with today's content more and more global companies are venturing into the field of humanoid robots driven by the goal of addressing labor issues and replacing humans in dangerous tasks Boston Dynamics has been in the industry for 30 years Tesla for two years and the most recent notable player is Kepler exploration robot company the actual process of building and developing this Chinese company is quite secretive if not lacking transparency many sources indicate that the company is barely a year old yet they have managed to create a humanoid robot so remarkable that it can confidently compete with Tesla why might the Optimus robot be copied musk has hinted at this on several times because at least it had happened before have you ever wondered why there wasn't any AI day 2023 simply put the company had its technology copied by competitors on AI day in 2022 speaking of this copying Tesla explained it all in an earnings call earlier this year in January some of our competitors literally look at what we do on a frame by frame basis uh they do and then we find these things being copied same thing with battery day same thing with battery day um so we have to be a little cautious do you see this robot compared to Optimus exactly at first glance they look 80% similar in design and appearance and this is precisely what we're referring to or it could also be competitors in the message that Tesla mentioned specifically Kepler exploration robotics company introduced its versatile humanoid robot line the Kepler 4Runner in early January 2024 this humanoid robot weighs 187 lbs and stands at 5' 10 in a proportion somewhat similar to the Tesla Optimus that weighs 138 lbs and stands at 5'8 in while Optimus is designed by Tesla for repetitive and hazardous tasks in diverse environments Kepler robots are introduced with a much more multi-functional purpose including education research automated manufacturing assembly lines emergency Rescue Services outdoor safety operations and detecting potential safety hazards additionally Kepler offers customizable robots tailored to the needs of customers allowing for a broader range of applications however if an optimist can assume multiple roles from Factory staff to Homemaker China's Kepler will not perform as many roles or tasks within the same type of robot with each function integrated into a different type of Kepler robot of which the manufacturer has introduced at least three types S1 is for outdoor tasks D1 is for hazardous environments and another outdoor variant in blue this diversification is because the manufacturer believes that one size does not fit all in the robot field this means that you'll have to purchase multiple types of Kepler robots if you want to maximize their roles now compare the specifications of Optimus Tesla with this humanoid robot from China to determine which technology is worth investing in will the replication be so perfect that it actually surpasses the original about Dimensions as previously mentioned they do not create significant differences however when it comes to weight sometimes this becomes an important issue as it affects their ability to perform tasks and their level of agility as you can see from the figures in the recent Gen 2 update the weight of Optimus has decreased by 22 lb from 160 lb down to 138 lbs meanwhile

 the Chinese replicant robot seems to have not found an efficient way to reduce the weight of metal and instead uses heavier materials as a result their weight has increased to 187 lbs nearly equal to the 196b figure of Atlas Boston Dynamics although the Chinese manufacturer does not disclose the specific movement speeds of the Kepler 4Runner it appears to be significantly slower than Optimus in some promotional videos released by the company it is evident that it moves quite slowly similar to Optimus gen 1 before its Mobility was improved in Optimus Gen 2 overall speed has been improved by 60% with the latest addition of 30% just earlier this month now with Tesla's bot speed of 1.34 mil hour it can walk much better even lifting its feet to navigate stairs early in testing it's unclear if the 187 lb weight affects the Kepler's walking speed but at least this Chinese robot is still in the early stages of development earlier this year from January 9th to the 12th the Kepler 4Runner was introduced at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas it was surprising that despite being a newcomer this robot attracted the attention of Industry professionals and the media even more surprising was the presence of Engineers from Tesla's Optimus project at the event in the race against Tesla's Optimus and other competitors Kepler is striving to achieve superiority through what it can accomplish while Tesla Optimus excels with its recent update allowing a total of 28 degrees of freedom with 11 degrees of freedom in its arm featuring tactile sensor equi fingers Elon Musk noted on X that many techniques have come to Optimus gen 2's hands but the Tesla team hasn't finished yet this means that the Optimus isn't just stopping at 11 degrees of freedom on the contrary the Kepler robot integrates up to 4 40° of Freedom throughout its body including 12° in each arm to perform precise tasks while Tesla's Optimus is capable of lifting and transporting loads of approximately 45 lbs the Kepler robot is introduced with enhanced capabilities allowing it to transport loads of up to 55 lbs is this true if you pay close attention to the promotional videos of the Optimus robot and the Kepler 4Runner there is indeed a significant degree of similarity from a certain perspective while Optimus demonstrates abilities such as a ranging different colored blocks and even handling smooth slippery objects like eggs Kepler also showcases the capability to sort and classify objects with less difficulty than Tesla bot even though this Chinese robot possesses a higher number of degrees of freedom although the Chinese manufacturer is confident in Kepler's Superior specifications compared to Tesla upon closer examination of the Kepler robots promotional videos some scenes bear a resemblance to CGI rather than actual footage like Tesla bot what do you think about this major copying returning to the technology of these two generation of robots the Kepler 4Runner bot utilizes a combination of ball screw drive and rotary Drive technology this system enables the robot to perform complex body movements precise Arm Control and visual perception the ball screwdrive is responsible for controlling the robot's limbs generating thrust of up to 8,000 Newtons essentially Kepler 4Runner proprietary planetary roller screw and rotary drive system are the key to Dynamic movement of the humanoid robot's limbs this enables enhanced maximum load bearing capacity for each component and allows the simulation of precise motor control similar to that of humans with exceptional accuracy meanwhile the rotary drive system is responsible for operating the waist in joint areas with a maximum torque of up to 200 NM and the ability to repeat movements with a high Precision at 01 de ensuring smooth and efficient body movements of the robot how crazy is this AI technology in these two robots the Tesla Optimus is integrated with a Tesla AI chip associated with the dojo supercomputer providing powerful data processing capabilities through Tesla's proprietary AI system combined with the FSD processor however Elon Musk hasn't been able to reveal it explicitly as he fears it might be stolen the front section will come with eight cameras combined with multiple radar sensors so Optimus will easily avoid obstacles with its 360° environment observation capability for the kep 4Runner this robot will use a sensory array mounted in the head position to understand the surrounding environment the system includes a camera with two wide-angle lenses four microphones an accelerometer and an 8hrs altitude and hearing reference system this robot communicates with humans through a speech synthesis module and a built-in speaker the conversational ability of Optimus has also not been disclosed but some speculations suggest that Tesla will soon promote this feature in upcoming updates similar to Tesla Optimus Kepler will have a brain supported by a high performance GPU motherboard and proprietary AI syy processed by Kepler's nebula AI system the AI helps the Forerunner navigate complex terrains uneven surfaces or numerous obstacles the robot's hands can both sense and grasp objects gently more specifically Kepler's exclusive nebula software backbone allows the robot to interact with the surrounding environment in real time addressing challenges in visual a and sensory perception by integrating the motherboard with a process of providing 100 TPS Computing performance into the nebula system the proud drive boasts four main functions image recognition visual slam that's simultaneous localization and mapping multimodal interaction and hand eye coordination furthermore Kepler has equipped with a humanoid robot with a large cloud-based multimodal model while deploying a smaller industry specific model directly onto the robot for faster response times ultimately peer's core function is to utilize Advanced Technologies such as deep learning reinforcement learning and multimodal large language model llm technology which we also know to be similarly present in Tesla Optimus so how special is the energy system of the two humanoid robots the production version of the Optimus robot will be equipped with a 2.3 kilow battery pack integrated with Advanced Electronics this battery pack is expected to provide enough energy for a full day's work consuming approximately 100 Wat when idle and 500 watts during fast walking despite its physical demands the energy consumption of the Optimus spot remains equivalent to that of a high-end gaming PC this efficient energy storage enables prolonged operation without compromising performance as for the Kepler 4Runner there's information suggesting it includes both solar energy technology and backup batteries with its solar panel the Kepler 4Runner harnesses every Ray of sunlight to convert it into energy operating efficiently the high performance character istics of solar panels typically reach up to 22% allowing the robot to function in low light environments regardless of challenging terrain or harsh weather conditions additionally with a backup lithium ion battery pack with a capacity of up to 1,000 wat hours the Kepler 4Runner can sustain continuous operation for at least 10 hours even in the absence of sunlight of course these are just unconfirmed pieces of info leaked from Kepler and should be taken with caution how Fierce is the price competition between Tesla's bot and Kepler 4Runner on the business side the Forerunner robot project is scheduled a launch in the third quarter of 2024 with a price tag of $30,000 a noteworthy figure especially considering the manufacturer short brand history as they enter the market what's even more intriguing is their commitment to an attractive price point making the product accessible to many potential customers it's worth noting that the initial production quantity will focus on the domestic Market meanwhile Elon Musk proposes a lower price of $20,000 per robot and the sales roll out plan will happen later with a very limited number of units initially delivered specifically Tesla aims to ship a few Optimus units in 2025 the utility of the humanoid robot is the one barrier Tesla still working on with Optimus you know Tesla is arguably already the biggest robot maker in the world it's just a four-wheel robot so Optimus is a you know a humanoid robot with arms and legs it's by far the most sophisticated humanoid robot that's being developed anywhere in the world I think we got a good chance to shiing some number of Optimus units next year but like I said this this is a brand new product said Elon Musk during the recent Tesla earnings call the $10,000 price difference can indeed be a significant factor for customers who are reluctant to pay extra to purchase a robot therefore ultimately the Tesla bot still holds more appeal in terms of pricing in addition to sales Tesla could consider offering a rental option partly to delay the disclosure of their technology and prevent early copying Tesla certainly face numerous challenges before it can successfully deliver Optimus to Consumers the company will need to refine the design of the robot and optimize it to a level where it can generate profits Tesla will also need to establish a facility dedicated to manufacturing Optimus it remains to be seen where Tesla will do this although facilities like gigatex is certainly have space for a humanoid robot production plant as competition among companies in the humanoid robot field intensifies the story of China's Kepler 4Runner and Tesla Optimus is not just about technological rivalry but also about business strategy and future prospects musk has hinted multiple times about Rivals copying Tesla's technology and the absence of Tesla's AI Day event in 2023 could be a direct response to the previously occurred technology coping the comparison between Kepler 4Runner and Tesla Optimus is just one part of the story while both offer remarkable potentials from operational capabilities to Energy Efficiency the difference in business strategy and product development is also crucial Kepler 4Runner targets an expansive market and commits to an attractive price point whereas Tesla opts for a path with higher price control and distribution oversight the issue lies not only determining which technolog is superior but also in how these companies build and sustain a sustainable Competitive Edge in the increasingly competitive humanoid robot Market diversification in both product and business strategy could be the key to making significant impact and creating differentiation in the future certainly the battle for robotic Supremacy is just the beginning with advancements in AI Material Science and Battery Technology robots will become even more capable and versatile the focus will shift from Individual strength to collaboration and integration with specialized robots working in tandem to accomplish complex objectives the upcoming launch of the Optimus bot marks a significant Milestone at Tesla's Journey towards creating a groundbreaking robotics platform if elon's ambitious is realized the impact of the Optimus spot on society would be transformative similar to how cars and smartphones have revolutionize the world the Optimus bot has the potential to redefine how we interact with robots in automation the Kepler humanoid robot is dedicated to revolutionizing productivity with cuttingedge technology hastening the arrival of a 3-day work week the shift will enable humans to dedicate more time to meaningful Endeavors like space exploration our goal for the Kepler robot is to have it be the Trailblazer and landing on the exoplanet Kepler Paving the way for a second home for Humanity Kepler exploration robot Co founder Debo Hughes said despite being embroiled in controversial over copying Tesla's Optimus ultimately Kepler's humanoid robot has the potential to revolutionize a wide range of Industries including smart manufacturing Logistics education research intelligent testing high-risk tasks and outdoor work the technological advancement showcased in its Global unveiling video have sparked numerous discussions worldwide about robotics so what do you think about the Battle of optimus's robot and Kepler's forun in an era where the creation of humanoid robots is increasingly gaining attention Boston Dynamic stands firm unwavering in its commitment to produce two groundbreaking Technologies Atlas and spot these Feats of engineering revered in the United States alongside icons like the Tesla Optimus epitomize the Pinnacle of robotic advancement earning accolades worldwide Boston Dynamics with nearly three decades of Relentless research in its Arsenal including the standout features of spot dog stands out as a technological Marvel indeed spot dog exemplifies Innovation seamlessly integrating Advanced functionalities that can rival even Tesla's Optimus however there are a few considerations we need to examine to avoid major confusion between these two technologies what if we put Tesla Optimus in Boston Dynamics spot 4.0 on the scale it seems like this is not a fair comparison it's like comparing a child who just learned to walk to a mature technology company specializing in robots the Tesla bot resembles a child with autonomy and great potential for the future industry while Boston Dynamics is at the Forefront of controlled robot technology these are entirely two different approaches so we can compare them in terms of Technology features and future usefulness rather than determining a winner between these two completely different concepts firstly spot a unique dog-shaped robot was born out of Boston Dynamics creativity programmed to perform various tasks from surveillance to exploration and Industrial applications spots akin to a reliable companion its Mission seems similar to the role of Tesla Optimus a humanoid robot in terms of Technology integration agility is always prioritized at Boston Dynamics the atlas bot with an astonishing speed of 2 and 1 12 meters a second is a clear Testament to this however spot dog has a relatively limited speed reaching only 1.6 m a second nevertheless the fourth version of spot brought a new advancement in movement style enhancing its flexibility across all terrains it's undeniable that there's still much anticipation for spot dog especially with its lightweight design at only 72 lbs promising Superior agility as a mobile robot agility is indispensable and we hope spot dog will demonstrate this excellently compared to the Tesla bot after updating to Gen 2 with a speed increase of up to 30% and has become much more flexible albeit weighing 1 .9 times more than spot dog weighing at 138 lbs while some might find it illogical and without Merit to compare a humanoid robot to a robot dog it's important to remember that we're discussing the technology integrated into them particularly Boston Dynamics has over 20 years of experience in technological advancement in this field ahead of Tesla which has only been involved in this technology for just over two years coupled with artificial intelligence Optimus Gen 2 proudly boasts a payload capacity of up to 45 lbs enabling a to handle various types of objects in specialized work environments although there haven't been any instances of carrying such heavy loads its ability to handle and manipulate smooth objects like hold an egg or neatly folding clothes gives us a glimpse of optimus's precision on the other hand spot dog's impressive payload capability of 30.9 lbs is not far behind Tesla's humanoid robot the truth is while spot dog has a smaller payload capacity than Tesla Optimus it still deserves praise especially considering its compact size as an animal like robot you may not know that it measures 43.3 in in length 19.7 in in width and has a default height of 24 in when moving with the height adjustable depending on how you adjust it on the controller with such dimensions in payload capacity it demonstrates High maneuverability in transporting essential tools into tight underground Chambers or moving Goods around the factory from what we gathered spot dog is primarily designed for outdoor use or in the harshest environmental conditions which explains its ip54 rating displayed in its specifications this rating indicates a fairly good resistance to dust and water making it a suitable choice for typical work environments to simplify let me break down the Ingress Protection rating this is an internationally recognized system used to evaluate the extent to which electronic devices can withstand environmental challenges like dust and water currently Tesla has not disclosed this raing for Optimus but based on our assessment of the structure size and materials of the bot Den 2 it should at least Le achieve an ip65 rating moreover evidence of Tesla's excellent waterproof capabilities is demonstrated by all Tesla electric vehicle models at being able to pass relatively challenging water resistant tests something that most other vehicles on the market cannot achieve similarly the Cyber truck will have the capability to be waterproof enough to function as a boat for short periods allowing it to Traverse rivers lakes or even Seas without too much trouble the CEO added that the goals for cyber Tru to be able to cross cross the water between spacex's Star base and South Padre ion in Texas additionally mainstream models like the model 3 or model y also have the ability to safely Traverse deep puddles this further confirms the water resistant capabilities of Tesla's Optimus standing at 5 fo8 Optimus boasts even greater water resistance at deeper depths and is enveloped by an outer layer of 80% polyurethane plastic aing the robot and pushing back dust more effectively than usual why does Tesla Optimus technology have the potential to change the landscape of Robotics technology while spots equipped with a relatively modest Energy System to appeal to customers with a battery capacity of 564 wat hours or 0564 kwatt hours Additionally the fastest charging time to reach 80% will take up to 50 minutes and slower charging times can extend up to 2 and a half hours depending on environmental temperature and the charger the charging source for spot dogs known to be 400 watts this means it can only operate for an hour and a half after being fully charged within a 2-hour period simply because it's a compact robot model designed to operate for the necessary duration rather than being active all day like humanoid robots in factories Tesla applies its humanoid robot with a significantly larger battery capacity 4 and a half times more at 2.3 kwatt hours and can operate continuously for 24 hours on a single charge this figure could potentially be improved in Gen 2 although Elon Musk hasn't disclosed much yet however with improved weight the operational time capability is expected to be slightly extended furthermore in this latest update Tesla Optimus has been announced to have at least 13 degrees of freedom with 11 degrees of freedom in the arms and two degrees in the neck this is an important factor considered to be a GameChanger as the articulation and Joint movement seem as complex as those of a real human in the future the degrees of freedom in the net could be expanded to enhance its ability to rotate more flexibly why in fact humans tend to rotate their neck first to determine the direction then other parts such as the waist hips knees and feet will execute a turn to a line with the position that the eyes of previously located when Tesla can apply this to Optimus you'll be amazed to witness its Superior flexibility similar to humans instead of robots having to make those slow deliberate steps to execute a turn while Boston Dynamic spot dog has only 12 degrees of freedom with three degrees in each leg the more degrees of freedom the more flexible and smoother the robot's movements are with 12 degrees of freedom spots agile and robust enough to navigate every nook and cranny of the factory meticulously without limitations additionally an arm with a grip remounted on top of spot's head is a significant factor that makes it more useful this arm has six degrees of freedom combined with a gripper to grasp everything which is a significant Advantage for spot dog in reality navigating a factory is always a significant challenge for robots it's widely acknowledged that the Interior Space of a factory is particularly complex with various zones and different components ranging from large Machinery to smaller equipment when we consider the gigafactory Texas facility we see that it encompasses raw material processing areas welding zones paint sections assembly areas not to mention the battery production unit therefore for a robot to operate efficiently in such a large Factory it requires Advanced camera systems and robust environmental sensors to move freely without disrupting the entire manufacturing process of the facility this drive LED Tesla to equip Optimus with eight cameras used in the autonomous driving system of their electric vehicles these cameras are integrated into the head of optimist to perceive the surrounding environment even being capable of mapping areas that humans may not have access such as deep caves this is entirely feasible due to the radar system which has long been able to do this even before the concept of humanoid robots existed specifically Tesla Optimus operates on an AI based perception system instead of being manually programmed the robot relies entirely on8 cameras with a 3 60° view supplemented by radar sensors to detect objects ahead meanwhile the AI system in the new generation of Optimus can gather information from these sensors to build a 3D model of its surroundings this model is then used to navigate the robot and avoid obstacles furthermore this system will leverage image and video data to understand how to perform complex actions such as grasping and moving objects Tesla's neural network is trained end to end meaning it learns the entire task comprehensively rather than breaking it down into any individual tasks Tesla's mitigating Risk by investing in its Hardware while simultaneously developing its own Dojo technology and ordering Hardware from Nvidia it seems they're pursuing a dual path between Nvidia and Dojo but we believe Dojo is more like a longer Journey akin to building a dedicated propulsion system for the Tesla bot it's a worthwhile Endeavor because the potential profits could be substantial the dojo systems operational and is training both robots and self-driving systems Tesla even has bigger plans for 1.5 2.0 and Beyond on the other hand spot dog developed by Bost the Dynamics is also well equipped with significant investment in its sensor capabilities it has five cameras providing a 360 Dee view comparable to humanoid robots and its depth camera range has been publicly announced as 2 MERS additionally spots equipped with liar sensors to scan objects terrain and the surrounding environment however the notable difference here is the absence of AI technology they are using pre-installed software to control the technology more precisely you need to be present when spot dog's working to control and give it commands to it immediately Boston Dynamics robot dog uses orbit platform which provides real-time information about the robot and checks it against the base map it shows the robots locations directly active tasks and inspectional arts all within the user's facility's visual context operators can use the web map to create and modify task records this means large complex location can be recorded in separate sessions over a few days or even with multiple robots simultaneously with the records merg later into a single coherent map and orbit to enable spot to converse Boston Dynamics has utilized open AI chat GPT API along with some large open source language models to carefully train its responses it then equipped the robot with a speaker adding to the ability to convert text into speech this seems to be not quite enough to be considered absolute Integra of artificial intelligence into the robot I don't think any Electric Vehicle Manufacturer can do it better than Tesla not in the long run Boston Dynamics is very impressive but their robots lack a brain then you also need the ability to design humanoid robots in a way that could be mass-produced at some point robots are going to manufacture robots although spot's just a compact robot dog the price is surprisingly high with a suggested retail price of up to $75,000 listed on the manufacturer Boston Dynamics website this price tag makes it a luxury product for many yet its features are limited and users still need to be present to control him consequently considering its usefulness for Parkinson's patients is quite low due to spots limited capabilities this does pose a significant challenge in terms of consumer accessibility compared to the price of the humanoid robot Optimus which is around $220,000 Tesla would not allow their product to be priced at $75,000 many believe Optimus third or fourth generation were priced at $50,000 they'd still be willing to take it home because of the immensely useful features it provides if you intend to use a humanoid robot to care for patients we can look at some specific cost calculations for example a full-time caregiver who can be access 24 hours a week and accompanies you will be extremely expensive the one-time cost of purchasing a Tesla robot would be around $2,000 or even when the price reaches $50,000 it'd be nothing compared to the1 hundreds of thousands of dollars that' be spent on care and 247 Support over a year which a company would charge to have someone care for their patient at home this makes the decision to purchase spot more difficult because its price is close to that of a Tesla Model X despite the high price Boston Dynamics has actively marketed spot to construction companies emphasizing its value in efficiency safety and datadriven decision-making they've used online channels industry events and partner relation ships to reach their target audience meanwhile musk is relatively cautious in publicly marketing Optimus perhaps indicating that major marketing efforts will be reserved for significantly upgraded Generations such as gen 3 or Gen 4 how important are Tesla and x.com to Optimus this stems from their respective fields of expertise and their corresponding technological advancements Tesla and X are crucial in activating two fundamental abilities of robots navigation and communication for navigation Tesla is not just an automobile company they have significant investments in artificial intelligence and Robotics particularly through the development of autonomous vehicles Tesla's autopilot and full self-driving Technologies are at the Forefront of AI driven navigation which can be adapted and applied to robots this technology enables vehicles to understand and navigate complex environments a skill that can be directly transferred to robots like Optimus Tesla's vehicles are equipped equ with a sensor Suite including cameras ultrasonic sensors and radar allowing them to perceive their environment with high Precision for robots this capability is essential for navigating through different settings avoiding obstacles and interacting safely with humans and objects additionally Tesla's positioning system relies on machine learning algorithms to process the massive amount of data collected from Tesla's Fleet of up to 5 million Vehicles this datadriven approach allows the system to continuously improve and adapt to new situations for optimists leveraging Tesla's expertise in machine learning and data processing could enhance its navigation abilities in unfamiliar environments by learning from various situations as for the communication framework ex's social network and information platform as a leading social media platform specialize in disseminating and exchanging information it's developed complex algorithms to suggest content interact with users and process natural language these Technologies are crucial to enable effective communication for robots understanding human language and responding in a natural and engaging manner moreover X's experience in handling and analyzing large volumes of text Data could be invaluable for developing optimist's communication skills by using natural language processing software and AI optimists can interpret queries understand contexts and generate coherent and context appropriate responses overall X facilitates real-time engagement and feedback from a global audience this feature can be leveraged to improve optimises Communications abilities by exposing it to a variety of human interactions opinions and languages it'll allow Optimus to learn from these interactions adapting its communication style and responses to be more efficient and humanlike ultimately Humanity's interest remains in the idea of skynet's invasion so what does Elon need to do to prevent that modeled after the human form capable of walking on two legs and designed for manual labor figure's humanoid robot is currently relying on real life human input with millions of job vacancies in the US figures humanoid robot is designed to perform tests that people may not want to do or lack the skills for it's envisioned to tackle more advanced task such as caring for the elderly or even cooking this sounds very familiar in 2021 Elon Musk shocked the World by revealing plans to build built an AI based humanoid robot initially skepticism prevailed fueled by the sight of a dancer disguised as a humanoid robot performing on stage however when the Tesla bought bumblebee made its debut it became evident that Elon musk's promise held true returning to figure ai's humanoid robot the Prototype they're developing Bears a striking resemblance to the earlier version of the Tesla bot with a skeletal structure and traditional rigid movements it seems they have successfully raised the substantial 67 $75 million in funding from open Ai and Microsoft alongside Amazon founder Jeff Bezos this funding has valued figure the creator of the humanoid robot at $2 billion it appears that startup companies in the humanoid robot manufacturer are creating something akin to the first generation of the Tesla bot an intriguing aspect of figure AI is that none of the company's Founders had an engineering background notably Brett Adcock one of the founders of figure AI previously founded archery Aviation a space Aviation company manufacturing electric vertical takeoff and Landing aircraft to improve Urban Mobility Brett successfully built Archer into a leading global electric Aviation company raising over $1 billion do in capital taking Archer public on the New York Stock Exchange with a valuation of $2.7 billion and securing a billion a half dollar commercial deal with United Airlines however ultimately they did not deliver any products to their Partners casting doubts on the notable investment ments made by tech companies such as open AI Microsoft and Nvidia who seem to be repeating a noteworthy past furthermore when discussing figure ai's platform we can't pinpoint where their AI stands in its developmental Journey meanwhile don't forget that Tesla is an electric vehicle manufacturer with over 5 million electric cars on the roads all integrated with AI for real world operational data collection they have 255,000 Nvidia gpus supporting their AI system specifically speically the dojo system a supercomputer with 1.8 exaflop of power used for training autonomous Driving Systems an artificial intelligence models Tesla invested over $500 million to build their supercomputer in Buffalo so with a $675 million investment in figure it may not be sufficient to empower them to develop artificial intelligence the deal has yet to be finalized which means their plans might face failure if you consider open AI as an AGI I think that's correct it's not a form of AGI in the real world so you can't simply put it into a robot for the robot to navigate and understand the real world this is the biggest and most challenging issue in robot manufacturing which is why Tesla can confidently take on this risk robots need to integrate input from all senses in 4D model their environment and how they fit into it determine the goals they want to achieve make decisions on how to move towards those goals plan movements and interact with humans and objects then they send commands to the motor control system to determine how to move the drive system to control the robot move the limbs to interact with objects in their space preferably with human-like movements to make it interesting to watch and not receive the uncanny valley animation effect this sequence of motion planning must be continuously updated in a loop as the robot moves because humans and objects can move and it has to adapt this is difficult really difficult which is why we don't see many humanoid robots running around even within the premises of other well-known tech companies with billions dollars to develop the progress in the field of artificial general intelligence or AGI combined with advancements in robotics has posed a teasing question how close are we to creating fully functional AGI companions embodied in humanlike robots to adequately address this interdisciplinary question one must dissect the current landscape of both AGI and robots examining Technical computational and algorithmic aspects starting with AGI there's been considerable development yet it s constrained to narrow AI or narrow artificial intelligence these are algorithms optimized for specific tasks such as image recognition or language translation on the other hand AGI aspires to possess a humanlike flexibility with the ability to learn reason and apply knowledge across different domains while machine learning methods especially deep learning have shown significant strides achieving true AGI that creates a machine capable of understanding learning and applying knowledge across diverse fields seems elusive for most companies including figure AI Tesla with its deep development road map and millions of vehicles collecting data for AI training appears to be well positioned to accomplish this ambitious task how groundbreaking is Tesla Optimus when compared to the figure bot the latest Revelations from Tesla provide a glimpse into the movements of Optimus within the laboratory showcasing its flexibility steps before transitioning to a prototype figure Bot Optimus indeed exhibits significantly longer strides than figure with a visible distance of over half a foot while figure bot has consecutive steps that don't quite capture a truly natural move in fact Optimus can move at a speed of6 m/s a remarkable Improvement after Tesla announced a 30% speed enhancement for Optimus each time the robot's foot touches the ground there's an impact Force stiffness increases proportionally with the straightness of the knee causing vibrations to transmit to the joints making the robot's movement less natural humans don't face this issue as we have ligaments between bone joints that can dampen shocks upon surface contact Tesla almost solved this through three major updates initially the Bumblebee version had unnatural steps and in the first update Tesla demonstrated addressing this issue by improving internally produced drivetrain components eliminating the need for external component suppliers Tesla claims a much improved balance with significantly enhanced whole body control allowing it to perform a squat easily the drivetrain converts input signals into the actual force needed to move anything from the robot's foot to the delicate movement of its fingers in fact the fingers movements are so smooth that Optimus developers felt compelled to confirm that the video is not CGI and has not been accelerated even in scenes where Optimus is moving around Tesla's lab as for figure a iBot the companies made a stunning announcement of its ability to move at 1.6 m/ second leaving us an AE and somewhat skeptical when observing the provided daily walking footage such a high-speed capability seems entirely implausible in addition the Tesla bot's equipped with a 2.3 KW battery housed in its truck providing enough power for a full day of work on a single charge with an optimized compact design meanwhile figure AI is still in Prototype stage with a frame and Battery that day claim can operate for only around 5 hours a significant consideration for humanoid robots intending to work in F factories or assist humans the low battery life may require it to be Tethered to a power source when energy runs low posing a challenge to completing tasks furthermore Optimus is equipped with pressure sensors on its fingers allowing it to sense anything it's holding even delicate and fragile items like the thin shell chicken egg or easily pierced with a needle this practical functionality sets Tesla Optimus apart the Tesla blot features a screen on its face displaying information potentially serving as a substitute for verbal communication however akin to a Tesla car instead of eyes it has eight autopilot cameras used to understand the surrounding environment its chest hous is a full self-driving computer providing power for all robot movements including Wi-Fi and LTE capabilities in contrast figure AI does not provide any data on the degree of freedom and arm joints making it challenging to make a specific comparison regarding the technological breakthrough even in terms of pricing the company plans to offer its robot service through subscription-based contracts this model aims to make the robot more affordable compared to outright purchase but specific details about the exact cost remain unknown essentially the more contracts the cheaper it becomes therefore personalization for this robot technology will be affected and if you wish to own it in the future you'll need to buy it through a vendor contracted with figure AI the pricing aspect still seems uncertain meanwhile Tesla bot is expected to be priced under $220,000 when production achieves outstanding efficiency at least for the initial model a robot capable of performing any task even mundane ones is likely to come with a hefty price tag depending on the chosen model I can see this fluctuating a bit perhaps even rental options however this won't happen when Tesla start selling Optimus much like the cybertruck or any of the company's electric vehicles when initially launched the prices will have a high differential at the beginning and then gradually decrease perhaps in less than a decade people will be able to buy a robot as a birthday gift their parents however it is expected to be publicly available sooner around 2025 although both the Tesla bot and figure AI bought are considered relatively affordable humanoid robots specific details regarding cost and availability are still to be confirmed the Tesla bond is expected to be priced under $20,000 and available from 2025 to 2027 while figure AI bond is expected to be offered through subscription-based contracts with no specific cost or availability timeline provided why did open AI choose to invest in figure robot Microsoft and open AI are currently in negotiations to acquire a financial stake in a startup specializing in humanoid robot manufacturing the prospect envisions a future where robots are capable of Performing dangerous tasks unsafe for humans Bloomberg initially reported on the potential investment which could see up to $500 million raised from various investors this would value the startup at around $1.9 billion or higher depending on the final amount raised the deal is not finalized and no one involved has confirmed its occurrence according to reports from Anonymous sources close to the plan this investment move reflects a logical step for open II which has long been exploring ideas related to robots and large language models additionally Google bard and Gemini are demonstrating competitive performance with chat GPT in the popular chatbot Arena ranking second on the leadership after GPT 4 Turbo open ai's most advanced model supported by the latest update of the Gemini Pro artificial intelligence model Bard has has seen a significant Improvement in performance since its release in December this has prompted open AI to quickly explore new avenues combining AI with humanoid robots earlier they had intentions to acquire figure AI but it was unsuccessful so the best approach might be to invest in it although it doesn't necessarily mean there'll be robots with chat GPT in their brains the concept of using large language models like gp4 to power chat GPT as a control mechanism for robots is not entirely new Altman also revealed that the company once had a robotics division but they prefer to focus on intelligence first they believe mastering intelligence and perception is a priority before adapting to physical forms once robots gain the ability to think for themselves and if Hardware improves enough to harness this intellectual capability they could quickly transform the job market especially in manual labor Fields the initial prediction for AI was that it would take on those manual labor tasks first automating repetitive tasks and making humans feel estranged in reality things seem to be unfolding differently than what people first thought 10 years ago when everyone believed it just be blue collar Jobs first then white collar jobs and it would never impact creative roles however recently open aai introduced Sora capable of replacing the creative roles of artists and filmmakers this scenario paralyzed what happened with Elon Musk since he founded open AI with a nonprofit declaration due to disagreements in the mission musk decided to leave open Ai and Sam Altman seems to have trans transformed it into a for-profit company this has led to Elon musk's lawsuit against open AI for abandoning the mission of benefiting Humanity musk alleges that open ai's collaboration with Microsoft has turned the organization into a deao subsidiary of Microsoft focusing on maximizing profits the lawsuit aims to compel open AI to adhere to the founding agreement and return to the mission of developing AGI for the benefit of humanity rather than serving the interest of Altman Brockman and Microsoft must criticize I the potential risk that AI progress could pose to society even before co-founding open AI calling for protective measures to prevent such systems from being used to replace humans furthermore it appears that investors perceive Tesla as a threat to their developments in the technology sector hence they felt the need to invest in similar figure AI or any humanoid robot technology company to disrupt Tesla similar to open ai's future plans to implement AI in the machines and create their humanoid robot each company has its own narrative for most companies designing their own ship is an extremely challenging task however Tesla one of the world's largest developers of autonomous vehicle technology deems it a worthwhile investment at the hot chips conference Elon Musk shared the secrets behind the advanced AI chip design of the company stating that only two chips are intelligent enough to enable fully autonomous driving for the upcoming Tesla Model chip designers demonstrated a significant optimization level in Tesla's custom AI chips leading to a substantial performance increase 21 times more than previous Nvidia chips moreover Tesla's chip production costs are 20% lower than nvidia's each of Tesla's AI chips run at a speed of 2 GHz and perform at 36 trillion operations per second Nvidia continues to be the chip supplier for Tesla and must previously mention that Tesla was using too many of nvidia's chips to power it self-driving vehicle Training Systems causing the chip manufacturer to struggle to meet their demand this prompted Tesla to build its own Super computer Nvidia needs additional customers to consume their technology what will have a greater impact on Humanity in the future the emergence of full self-driving in Tesla B could have significant financial and production implications for Tesla the widespread deployment of FSD and its broad application would lead to a substantial increase in Revenue with Tesla recognizing delayed revenue for its autonomous driving features the long-term Financial impact would become more pronounced as the efficiency gained from FSD results in higher production volumes and in increas profitability similarly the implementation and utilization of Tesla bot across various Industries would contribute to Tesla's development the revenue Potential from selling or leasing Tesla Bots could be substantial with each unit serving as an income generating asset for the company scaling up the production of Tesla bu combined with the integration of Automation and Tesla's factories would further enhance manufacturing capabilities and drive profits with the latest version of figure AI we can observe a clear copycat version so it seems unlike likely to be a formidable competitor capable of surpassing Optimus unless equipped with Tesla's FSD or possessing millions of pre-existing training units finally what new Innovations do you hope for Optimus in 2024 we hope you'll have the most relaxing feelings 

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