US launches retaliatory strikes in Iraq and Yemen

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 The United States launched retaliatory airstrikes in Iraq and Yemen on February 3, 2024, in response to a drone attack in Jordan that killed three American service members and wounded several others. The strikes targeted facilities used by Iran-backed militia groups in both countries.

In Iraq, the strikes hit locations in the eastern province of Diyala, near the border with Iran. The targets included weapons storage facilities, training camps, and command and control centers. In Yemen, the strikes hit locations in the Houthi-controlled capital city of Sanaa, as well as in the western port city of Hudaydah. The targets included Houthi military equipment and infrastructure.

The US military said that the strikes were carried out in self-defense and that they were designed to deter future attacks on US personnel and interests. The Iraqi government condemned the strikes, calling them a violation of Iraqi sovereignty. The Houthi rebels also condemned the strikes, vowing to retaliate.

The airstrikes have raised concerns about a wider escalation of tensions in the region. The US has been engaged in a long-running conflict with Iran-backed groups in Iraq and Syria, and the recent drone attack in Jordan is seen as a potential escalation of that conflict. The US has also been providing military support to the Saudi-led coalition fighting the Houthi rebels in Yemen, and the airstrikes in that country are likely to further strain relations between the US and the Houthis.

The situation in the Middle East remains volatile, and the recent airstrikes could lead to further instability in the region. It is important to monitor the situation closely and to be aware of the potential for further violence.

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